Review Policy

Here starteth my professional approach to blogging and my super-duper way of coping with and continuing to enjoy my most favourite of hobbies; reading. Please take note:

Generally speaking my favourite genres are literary fiction (in the stricter sense), historical fiction (no trash or heaving bosoms) and the classics. I am, however, keen to expand my horizons and do read things that don’t fall under this category.

I do own a Kindle but find the reality of having to use one on occasion quite distressing.

Ethel_Merman_NYWTS-restoredIf I’m lucky enough to be sent a delicious review copy I will try my best to read and comment on everything I receive. However I work very long hours and sadly do not have as much time as I would like to devote to this game therefore if I  a) receive something unsolicited  b) HATE the book, I may not be able to review it. Though this rarely happens.

For the above reasons, my turnaround time is a tad on the slow side. I will get around to it eventually. If you’re a patient soul and are willing to wait for my twopenneth then this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

My reviews are always open and honest. If I dislike something about a particular book I won’t hide my feelings (however I do make it very clear that all amateur opinions are my own)

When all is said and done I’m a game kind of gal and am up for joining in anything vaguely related to books or literature in any way. If you have anything interesting on the go please do get in touch via . I’m lovely. Promise.

So...what do you think !?

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