My name’s Lucy, formally known simply as ‘Relish’. For many a year I’ve kept
rather obscure and secretive on the old blogosphere, my aversion to all things overly personal being plastered over the web holding forth. However, as time’s gone by I’ve met some really lovely bookish people out there through Literary Relish, being lucky enough to meet some of you in real life. With that in mind it’s time to let the mask slip a tad.

Me and the 'Gimme Gimme' ladies
Me and the ‘Gimme Gimme’ ladies

So, my name’s Lucy, I live out in the country with two cheeky cats and my better half. I love cheese, beer, books and the great outdoors. Nice to bloggy meet you! I come from a book-loving family and, as a result, had my interest piqued from a tender age during bi-weekly trips to the library where I would promptly take as many books out as possible…and not read a single thing.

Happily the pressures of reading for study have now been firmly off the cards for a good few years now, however my approach to the library and bookshops is very much the same, i.e. biting off far much more than I can chew…though at least the thought is there.

Nowadays I gab about books here, run the Manchester Book Club (as seen on TV’s Eggheads!) and write on and off for a few fabulous online literary magazines including; We Love This Book!, For Books’ Sake and Bookbrowse, amongst others.

Please do feel free to contact me about all things booky at literaryrelish@gmail.com and don’t forget to check me out at @LiteraryRelish where I re-tweet other people’s witty comments and avoid any original material of my own.


So...what do you think !?

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